Our Cows

The welfare of our animals will always come first, because without them, we would have nothing

Our family has been in the dairy cow business since 1918. In that time we have both learned and passed  on the knowledge to the next generation, of how to  maintain a herd of  happy and healthy cows.

Optimal welfare of our cows has always been our priority and its why we are still here, working alongside the animals that we love, five generations later.

Our cows are not just providers of dairy products to your table, we also own and operate Shirlinn Stud.  

We show our registered cows under their Shirlinn Stud Name at all of the major shows up and down the east coast of Australia

We are proud to own the countries most decorated Dairy Cow and the 2016 Australian Grand Champion, Shirlinn Icy Eve.

After winning Supreme Jersey at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014 for a 3rd year in a row. Shirlinn Icy Eve also scored an EX-95 a new Australian Jersey record, and the only EX-95 Jersey cow in Australia.

We feed, water, milk and check to ensure our cows are healthy several times a day, every day.

Even before we feed ourselves.

In addition to grazing on fresh pastures every day, each cow also eats daily about 25kg of dry matter  (which is about the equivalent of 1 bale of hay) as well as 5kg of grain, plus added vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy. Each cow will also drink up to 150 litres of water per day.