Peel Valley Milk - Pure, Natural, Fresh

Brought to you by a local family, who have been dairy farmers for five generations

Yes, we've been dairy farmers since 1918

For the Wilson  family, dairy farming is in our blood. It all began almost 100 years ago, and today, we know as we go about the daily business of running our dairy, that we are also preparing for the day when our next generation, the 6th in line, will take over. Now granted, that may be a few year off yet, as Ella, Marlie and Koby still need to finish school - but they all show the same passion for this lifestyle as we did as youngsters growing up on a dairy.

We are more than dairy farmers though

We also own and manage one of Australia's premiere jersey cow studs, Shirlinn Jersey Stud. Our jersey cows have won major awards and sold for premium prices both Nationally and Internationally.

Our most prized cow was awarded the highest accolade , of Australian Grand Champion at the 2016 International Dairy Week.

So when it comes to choosing your dairy products...

We invite you to select from the range of Peel Valley Milk products. It's Pure, Natural, Fresh and brought to you with passion by a local, fifth generation dairy farming family. But most of all, its the best tasting milk in town.